Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Want To Sponsor Leaders? Be A Leader First!

Network Marketing is one of those business models that allows the motivated and productive to earn more than their up line. Forget the corporate limitations of "the boss always earns more". With network marketing, the more you produce, the more you earn.

Network Marketing has the added benefit of allowing you to profit from other people's efforts, just as you help put dollars in the pockets of those in your up line. So, ideally, you want to sponsor leaders. Failing that, you want to TRAIN leaders. People who, like you, recognize the more they produce, the more they earn. People, like you, that know teaching their down line to be productive benefits everyone.

So sponsoring or training a leader is an excellent way to fast-track your business. But, while it is simple to say, it is a little harder to do in real life. Remember one of the overriding tenents in Network Marketing, teach your down line to duplicate you.

A word of warning though. If you aren't successful, productive and motivated, duplicating you doesn't help! In fact, it guarantees your eventual demise.

You want to make absolutely certain you are doing things every day that propel you forward. Things, that if your down line duplicates, will help build both of your residual incomes. For every activity you do, ask yourself, can my down line duplicate this, and if they could, would I want them to?

We lead by example. And most people will play follow the leader, it's human nature. A good many people that get the network marketing model, understand the benefits and are actively chasing that dream, often fail to understand one important piece of the puzzle. Regardless of how it was pitched to them, this IS a business and it has to be treated as such. While building the business can be done part-time, you still need to behave as if this were a "brick and mortar" business. You have ongoing costs associated with doing business, just like the store front for the butcher. You need to advertise, just like the store front for the barber shop. There are day to day activities, that if put off, hurt your business, just like the corner drug store. And most important, discipline is required to achieve success.

So, what examples are you setting? Is what you are doing something your down line can duplicate? Have you taught them how?

Just my two cents worth.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Power Of Leverage In Network Marketing

Are you a workaholic? I know I have been accused of this by insensitive friends and family that didn't understand my burning desires and relentless need for forward momentum. But even a workaholic can only put in so many hours per day. Let's see... there are 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. That's a max of 8760 hours. No sleep, no pottie breaks, no drive time. Maximum 8760 hours. (There were years when I think I came close to that number).

Now, I bet you could get a lot accomplished in 8760 hours. In fact, I would guarantee it. Your performance might be suffering a tad with no sleep though. Okay, just so we are clear... 1 person, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks = 8760 man hours of effort into building your business.

Let's take a look at leveraging the Network Marketing model. I invest my time and energy into building a business that contains 10 people. I continue to invest my time and energy into training those people so they become actual business owners for themselves and do the same thing. It's in their best interest to continue the trend as we will see in just one minute. So, 10 people, train 10 more people each.... that's 100 people. If each of those 100 people ONLY put in 30 minutes a day, how many man hours could have been funneled into my business success? Care to guess? 18,250 man hours.

Yep, you read that right. 30 minutes a day from each person in my down line gives me 18,250 man hours invested into my business. That's 200+% more than if I worked 24/7 all year long. And that's if the 10 people I worked with initially only work with 10 each and then everyone stops what they are doing.

Just for grins, let's do the math if I had 2000 people in my down line. 2000 people, 30 minutes a day = 365,000 man hours. It would take me 41.6 years of working 24/7 to put in the same number of hours. This is one of the strongest examples of leveraging I have seen in a while. And here is the best part... those hours all spent in my business, ALSO help each of the people in my down line with their business. Again, leverage.

I gave up trading time for money back in 1991 because it is so inefficient. The wealthy know this lesson already and make the most of it everyday. Put the power of "leverage" into building your business with network marketing and watch it grow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why Is There Such A High Failure Rate For MLM'ers?

Network Marketing

Yep, that's right. Multilevel Marketing Companies, or MLM's use Network Marketing to *market* their products, which means they get and sponsor people who have never owned a business before to tell other people about the product. And since having other representatives sponsored is one of the *income streams*, these people market BOTH the business opportunity and products to the same group of people.

That's a little like advertising a Dog Training program and if they show any interest, try to sell them Home Siding. The two markets are VERY different and should be marketed differently, but most MLM companies and up lines explain that all you have to do to be successful in this business is tell everyone you know, everyone you meet, casual encounters at the grocery store or gas station about your "opportunity".

Well, if you have spent any time in MLM, you know this often just leads to frustration. Family members start to avoid you, friends don't take your calls. Try to see it from their point of view. You tell them all they have to do is "plug-in to your system" and they too can have a profitable business. Only, where is YOURS?!?! The typical new recruit is slammed by their up line with a list of things to do that make no sense in the real world of marketing and business.

There is a better way, but you have to get out of your own way first. And that means listen to what your up line has to say, but use your head too. If what they are telling you isn't working, try something else. And frankly, focus your efforts. If you are trying to sell the product, sell the product. Once you have established some trust with your customer and they can see the product really does what it says it will do, you can offer them a chance to also make some money selling it. Customers who "convert" in this way make the best representatives (or advocates) of the product. But this should come later. After they have used the product, seen the results, explained the product to friends and family (without the business opportunity lurking in the background of every conversation) and are really excited about it, then they can "focus" their efforts. But don't be surprised if you offer the opportunity and most say no. These are normal, real people with real lives who haven't thought about owning their own business, or becoming an independent marketing contractor (which is what an network marketer is after all), they just wanted a solution to their problem. (Remember that most MLM companies offer health related products).

Offer your "business opportunity" to small business owners, people looking to work from home or start their own business. These are the people that are already doing research and grooming themselves for the "business owner mentality" and lifestyle. Look at these two words... Network Marketing. Does anything in those two words suggest "market two DIFFERENT concepts to the same person"? I don't think so.

There is a high failure rate with network marketing because everyone is taught the same thing. It's almost like a cult or religion. Personal Empowerment, Personal Development, Belief is the key. Trust me, if I am trying to drive a screw into a board and it isn't working, getting a bigger hammer *might* get the job done but it takes a lot of extra effort and will probably just ruin the material I am working with. Getting a screw gun would be the better choice since that is what it was *designed* to do. If what you are doing isn't working, don't go get a bigger hammer (visualization boards, more tapes on empowering yourself, creating an Alpha personality that people respond to, etc), get a different tool for the job. It's called Focus.

Let me ask you this. If you went to your butcher for some steaks, and he tried to sell you snow tires, would you go back? If you called your Dentist and asked for an appointment to get a tooth looked at and when you got into the chair he proceeded to try and sell you Investment Bonds, would you go back? Nope. Neither would I. When we went into the Butcher's or the Dentist, we had a certain result in mind. Being *sold* something else is off-putting at best, and damaging to their credibility at worst. They would quickly go out of business. So why on earth would you attempt the same thing just because you are representing a company/product/service that uses the Network Marketing business model to sell their products/services?

If you are smart, you won't. It doesn't work. What you need to do instead is focus your efforts. Sell to someone who is looking for what you have to offer. And don't try to cross-sell them. If they are looking for a health product that will relieve their joint pain, don't try to sell them a business opportunity. If they are looking to work from home or start their own business, sell them that, not a pill for joint pain. See what I mean? It's two completely different markets.

So, get out of your own way. You can be very successful in network marketing, especially if you find a company that offers good bonuses, unlimited level payouts and products that really work. But don't be a Lemming and do what your up line tells you to, just because they tell you to. Use your head. Remember that their up line trained them, and their up line trained them and so on. Find a company that offers real training, not just a list of things you should do like: 1) Make a list of your warm-market 2) Call all 100 people and let your excitement infect them 3) Listen, ask questions and then pitch them 4) Train your down line to do the same thing 5) Repeat.

That's not a recipe for success. That's a recipe to get yourself uninvited to the family Christmas party.

Just my two cents worth.


PS: Obviously, I have an MLM company in mind. One that meets all my criteria AND does something I have never seen any other company do. They donate 5% of all product sells to Childrens, Incorporated to help feed starving children in the United States! That's 5% of their money, money I helped create with my sales. I can live with that. Want to know more about the company I choose? Click Here.

Friday, June 8, 2007

What Is Different About Nussentials?

We have received a question regarding Nussentials MLM plan. The question was, "what is so different about the Nussential MLM plan that other MLM plans. The second question asked for mentoring ideas.

There are several things that make Nussentials stand out. Having been involved in 3 other companies over the last 20 years, I found Nussentials to be top notch in several areas. First....we have Rice Bran based products that are revolutionary for people with health issues such as diatetes 1& 2, Hypertention, cholestrol, weight, joint pain and so much more. Rice Bran is one of the most nutritious foods on earth but the technology to stabilize it only became available 2 years ago, so the benefits of it are just now getting out to the public.You can read about the science of the products at www.nussential.com/infinity. Their compensation plan is superior to anything I have found, and their business system is founded on the "forced Matrix" concept which means that with their 3 x 8 matrix, you can only have 3 people on your 1st level, all others go down in your organization in the next available spot, thus your whole organization reaps the benefits of the people above and below them. And lastly but very important, the company is sending 5% of all products sold to the Feedthekids foundation to help hungry children in the USA. So while we build our own business the company helps children through our efforts and the money to the kids comes out of company profit not ours. Everybody wins.

The 2nd question asked about mentoring ideas.
Mentoring is the key to the success of your business. In a traditional brick and mortar business you hire employees (You pay them, and TRAIN them, you lease your space for your employees to work, provide benefits to them, and have all the complexities of a brick and mortar business).

In a MLM type business you work from your home and the people you bring into the business (your business partners), work from their home, so you "mentor" them by showing them how to build their business.

Nussentials provides many tools to the business owner to help them, but you, the sponsor, need to help your business partners understand the products, the compensation plan, and how to sponsor people into their business.

This is done many times by telephone because your business partners will eventually live all over the country. We use 3 way calling with our new partner and talk to their potential partners with them, because they will not be comfortable making calls alone until they are more familiar with the products and plan. The Infinity Team is a group of Nussentials reps dedicated to helping all our business partners succeed. Since our partners live everywhere, we use conference calling to hold our "meetings". Everyone can ask questions, talk about how they are building their business, and give testimonials on how the products are working for them and their customers. Taking new partners by the hand and getting them on the right road to success is our focus.

This is NOT a numbers game, it is a network of people helping people realize their dreams.

Hope that helps with your question, if not, please feel free to restate your question and I will try again!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Welcome To Team Infinity's Blog - all about Network Marketing

Team Infinity... does that bring exceptional thinking, farsighted vision, unlimited energy and boundless possibilities to mind? It should. It does for us.

We are a team of people working together to build a long-term residual income for ourselves using the proven business model of Network Marketing. We each (for our own reasons) have decided to stop exchanging *time and expertise* for *income* within the corporate work place. Does this mean none of us work for *the man*? Absolutely not. You see, despite wild Internet claims to the contrary, it takes a little time and a little work to build stable income. It doesn't happen overnight, but with consistent effort, it does happen.

This blog is a meeting place of like minded individuals, people who already understand the value of networking to attain results, who already know how to leverage a single "contact" into residual sales, and those that don't know or live these principals, but want to know more.

Stay tuned, we have some exciting things to cover. In fact, bookmark us or add us to your favorite social bookmarking club such as Technorati or Digg.

Please take a moment and enter a comment of your most burning question about Network Marketing, Presentation Techniques or whatever. We will try to answer all comments with more information. Don't be shy, let us know what YOU want to know!