Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nussentials Introduces A Whole New Level Of Fun

RELAX! Candle Making Kit - RELAX with Nussentials Starter Candle Making Kit.

Create and enjoy your own candles. Use the kit to have "Candle Parties" and "Private Pours" in the homes of potential prospects. This door opener is great fun and introduces people to our product line without the normal "fuss". Everything you need to have a party of candle making fun is included in the kit.

Introduce the "business opportunity" in a non-threatening way. Everyone can themselves doing this "hobby business" since it is so much fun.

Our kit comes with everything you need to make candles from our natural soy wax. The kit includes 16 lbs of soy wax (which is of HIGH QUALITY), Deep Burgundy Red and Deep Forest Green vegetable based color dyes, 1 bottle of cinnamon and "Love Spell" (type) all natural/top quality fragrances, 20 plastic tea light cups, 10 wick clips, 20 each of #1 (3"), #14 (6"), and #16 (6") pretabbed wicks, 60 wick stickers, 3 each of the 7oz cube and 7oz status glass containers, a high quality liquid thermometer, a stainless pouring pot, an aluminum boiler pan, a stainless stir stick and caution labels. We also include a candle making instruction booklet to guide you through the process. The enjoyment can continue as you give them as gifts, sell them for a nice profit, or simply burn them yourself.

  • 16 lbs High Quality Soy Wax
  • Deep Burgundy Red and Deep Forest Green vegetable based color dyes
  • 1 Bottle each of Cinnamon and Love Spell Fragrances
  • 20 Plastic Tea Light Cups
  • 10 Wick Clips
  • 20 each of #1 (3"), #14 (6"), and #16 (6") pretabbed wicks
  • 3 Each 7oz cube and 7oz status glass containers
  • High Quality Liquid Thermometer
  • Stainless Pouring Pot
  • Aluminum Boiler Pan
  • Stainless Stir Stick
  • Caution Labels
  • Instructional Booklet

  • If you haven't been in your back office in a while, you need to stop what you are doing and run check out the new line of products specifically for Candle Making and see what it can do for your business.