Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nussentials Is Doing Their Part

Most people are good people. They want to help.

They watch with pain in their breasts when the commercials come on that show the suffering of the innocents who's only crime is being born to people unable to provide for their basic needs.

Despite wanting to help, many aren't in any position to send money or aid to someone else when putting food on the table and dealing with the rising costs of fuel are taking such a toll on their own family.

The company I represent has helped me break through both barriers. I now have extra money for my family thanks to Nussentials, and I am helping others in need, at the same time. Nussentials has taken an active role in reducing the number of kids that go to bed hungry each night.

Phil Mim's has made it his mission to feed millions of kids with direct revenues from the sale of his revolutionary stabilized rice bran products. As representatives responsible for generating those sales, this means that we get to help.

I sleep better knowing I am doing my part to help.

Found this video by a little man with a big voice and an even bigger heart. Listen to his message/song and you'll be as touched as I was.

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